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European mosaic of memories


From Enemies to Friends. A European Mosaic of Memory

100 years ago, the First World War shook life and the political order in Europe. The defeat of Germany in this first global war in history was at the same time the end of the German Empire, supported and accompanied by revolutionary movements in this country as well as in Europe.

The joint event program of municipal and civil society actors from Jena and friendly European cities invites to an artistic and reflective remembrance of the consequences of the First World War, but also to a joyful celebration of our European friendships. The programme begins on the anniversary day of the Revolution, 9 November 2018 and ends on the date of the Armistice, which is the 100th anniversary on 11 November 2018.

All information and program points for the events in November as well as a trilingual program booklet in German, French and English can be found at JenaKultur.