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Small projects

Even small projects and measures can make a big impact when it comes to supporting partners and friends, offering them a bit more quality of life. On this page, small projects are collected and presented that have been organized, carried out or supported by the city and its employees over the years.

Little by little, more and more small projects will be presented to show that really everyone can get involved and do something for their fellow human beings.

The long-standing partnership between Jena and Lugoj is intensively cultivated and kept alive by numerous joint projects, which primarily serve to ensure a better standard of health and living for the people in Romania.

Important points in the cooperation were for example

  • the donation and transport of hospital beds and hospital inventory (e.g. bedside tables or bed linen) from the Friedrich Schiller University for the Lugoj Municipal Hospital
  • the support of the financing of an ultrasound / sonography device for the Lugoj Municipal Hospital
  • Building renovation at a secondary school in Lugoj

For years the Jena fire brigade has also been supporting its colleagues in Romania. Relief supplies to Lugoj included, among other things, operational clothing, equipment such as hoses or searchlights, or even breathing apparatus. Thanks to the close cooperation, it was also possible to support the municipality of Ohaba Lunga in the Temesch district with the donation and transfer of a fire engine from the Jena fire brigade using funds from the municipal fund for development cooperation.

The"Association for the Promotion of the Partnership between the Cities of Lugoj and Jena e. V." also contributes to the improvement of living conditions in our Romanian twin city. In 2015, pots, knives and other kitchen material were already donated for the social canteen in Lugoj. A short time later, a new gas stove was to follow, replacing the existing, over 20 year old and defective model. The stove helps to provide hot meals to more than 150 needy Lugoj residents per day. Thanks to its purchase, the food selection is more varied and the working conditions for the employees of the social canteen are much easier.